Business and financial advisory

Keep your financial background in a good hands.

Just like the people we serve, we are small business owners. Consulting face to face is at the foundation of who we are. We take pride in building relationships and seeing each project from start to finish.

The services we provide center around increasing cash flow and identifying tax issues for business growth so those companies can address them expediently.

  • Small changes can lead to big savings. While consulting for one of our clients, we found that they were financing future purchases on credit cards with 20% interest rates. After suggesting they apply for a line of credit at the bank, they were approved at 2%, saving them thousands of dollars annually.

  • Present solutions for past issues. Elevated Advisory can help you learn from past issues that may have been glossed over. We will help you identify any opportunities that were missed and begin an appeal or amendment procedure, and circumvent penalties form adding up.

  • Teaching the financial fundamentals. Sometimes success can be simple. A client of ours was not keeping up on money in and money out. We educated them on the importance of calculating income verses expenses. That concept allowed them to have a clear picture of their current financial situation as well as develop a future budget.

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